M is for Money

Megan Powell Vreeswijk

Megan Powell Vreeswijk

I met with Dr Samantha Callan last week to discuss our research project on why women fear maths – I’ve found that this ranges from timidity to being frozen like a rabbit in headlights. I’m the same – if someone points a finger at me, Lord Kitchener style, and asks me to do a sum in my head, my mind often freezes.

Samantha is researching this from a social-historical (factual) perspective and I’m looking at references in literature. It’s not often that you get work that’s totally absorbing, but this is.

I also met with Megan Powell Vreeswijk, the entrepreneurial advisor at Loughborough University, she is also as one of Nesta’s accredited Creative Enterprise Trainers for the British Council. Megan runs the very exciting project at Loughborough called The Studio. http://www.lboro.ac.uk/services/the-studio/

Loughborough is a designers’ university and its students are inventors. Megan advises students on how to make the most of their inventions: how to commercialise them, market them and how to set up their own companies.

Megan offers an online weekly consultation for students. This will lead to an e-book,for first-year students on how to help them to look after their money. It will be called ‘M is for Money’. It’s part of a series of student ebooks, the first of which was called ‘U is for University’.

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