Girls’ poor performance in maths and science is down to sexism

The Sunday Times article on girls and maths
The Sunday Times reported that girls are performing poorly in maths and science and that the gender gap with boys is one of the biggest in the world.

“The gap between UK girls’ and boys’ performance in the Pisa science tests is 13 percentage points, compared with an average gap across all 67 countries of just one point, the OECD report said. The gap in Colombia is 18 points and the UK is one of four countries with gaps of between 10 and 15 points.

“This weekend critics warned that British girls were being denied the chance to take up highly paid careers in industry because of sexist attitudes and poor teaching in schools, and said they hoped that the OECD report would serve as a wake-up call.”

Shirley commented: “Girls’ poor performance in maths and science in UK schools is  because of sexism. Maths and science are a feminist issue. It is a myth that boys are better at them then girls.”

The OECD tables were published on 5 March 2015.


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