Do what’s urgent and leave the rest till later

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Money Stuff International edition

DO WHAT’S URGENT AND LEAVE THE REST UNTIL LATER Recently I attacked  the final knotty problems to prepare the Money Stuff international $ edition, which is metric, for readers in the USA and the rest of the world. This is only Read more…

M is for Money

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Megan Powell Vreeswijk

M is for Money   Megan Powell Vreeswijk, the entrepreneurial advisor at Loughborough University, she is also as one of Nesta’s accredited Creative Enterprise Trainers for the British Council. Megan runs the very exciting project at Loughborough called The Studio. Read more…

A week free of interruptions

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Cannizaro House

A week free of interruptions Last week I left home and went to Cannizaro House in Wimbledon to a place recommended by my taxi driver. It’s an utterly wonderful 18th Century house with grounds open to the public and I Read more…

“Off to Cornwall!”

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The Abbey, Penzance

Monday 21 July. Dr Samantha Callan, stayed overnight. She’s an anthropologist and a director of the Centre for Social Justice. She says that staying with me is “like going home to mum”. I try to give her breakfast in bed when she stays…


Why no progress in 50 years?

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The Palace of Westminster. Photograph by Eleanor Bentall

I seemed to spend it head down, at my office being a first-time publisher, but my diary proves there was plenty of fun…