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CRIMSON is the story of four women who fall victim to their romantic beliefs.

Three sisters, orphaned in a World War II bombing raid, are raised by their grandmother, internationally-successful, romantic novelist, Elinor O’Dare.

Elinor does not realise that she has translated her own life into a fictional fantasy, because that is the only way she can live with her harrowing secret.

Clare is an obedient but stubborn child; Annabel is the family beauty, Miranda is a tomboy, independent and feisty. The sisters become accustomed to a life of ease and privilege as Elinor prepares them to be the gracious wives of powerful men.

The story opens as Elinor lies on her deathbed at her fabulous French château. At last,  she must decide which – if any – of her three granddaughters will inherit her fortune: Annabel, now a New York supermodel; Miranda, the self-made cosmetics tycoon; or Clare, the film producer’s wife with a social conscience? Elinor’s advisor is Adam, a handsome and fascinating lawyer who has known the three sisters since they were born.

When Elinor makes the fateful decision about her will, hidden secrets emerge, relationships clash, sexual battles start, and success demands a terrible price.

Because Elinor does not die.


Crimson was one of my favourite books to write because I wrote it in my own French chateau high in the hills behind Cannes, France. Sadly, I have known more than one woman live in an imaginary dream world, rather than face the reality of her own life. Shirley Conran

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