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MONEY STUFF ebook by Shirley Conran

Money Stuff by Shirley ConranDOWNLOAD NOW


MONEY STUFF is a do-it-yourself 6-step maths course for Real Life.

And it’s FREE

MONEY STUFF can be used as a starter or as a refresher, a complete maths course for anyone that follows the GCSE syllabus. Successfully tested over two years in school, university and by working women, MONEY STUFF gets good feedback from students, teachers, educational professionals and mothers who want to help with homework.

MONEY STUFF connects maths to Real Life. For example: How to split a pizza bill, understand mobile phone offers and fuel tariffs.

MONEY STUFF also relates maths to real ambitions. Want to be famous? Use MONEY STUFF to figure your royalties, check that people aren’t ripping you off… Want to run a restaurant? You’ll need numbers for recipe quantities, you’ll need to understand profit margins, so you know how much to charge.

‘I am sure students will become confident in mathematics and never again say, ‘I can’t do maths’.
Keith Pledger, Former Chair of Examiners at Edexcel
(Keith writes more on

‘Shirley Conran has brought maths alive and made it relevant. This will be a must-have book for everyone who wants to make a success of life.’
Caroline Shott, CEO, The Learning Skills Foundation

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LACE by Shirley Conran

Lace by Shirley Conran



LACE.The feminist classic that defined an era

Already a legend, young, mega-watt film star, beautiful, passionate, notoriously temperamental. Four successful, sophisticated women friends in their forties have been called to the Pierre Hotel in New York to meet her.

Each of the four women has reason to hate Lili. And each of them is astonished to see the others; for they are old friends who first met in school, old friends who chare a guilty secret – old friends whose lives are changed when Lili suddenly confronts them and asks: “Which one of you bitches is my mother?”

The answer to this question – a question that has obsessed and almost destroyed Lili – is at the heart of Lace.

Lace goes to the very core of a woman’s sensibilities, ambitions, sexual needs, and desire for success in a changing world. Shirley Conran has captured the intimate secrets, the guilts, and the passions of every women who has experienced the childhood dreams of great romance – and the realities of adult life. The true subject of this spellbinding novel is femininity itself.

Lace taught men about women and women about themselves.’
The Observer

Lace gave me prolonged pleasure.’
Helen Fielding

‘As sexy and smart now as the first day it came out’
Lauren Laverne

‘There was life before Lace and life after Lace, and nothing was ever the same again. I envy anyone who hasn’t read it.’
India Knight

‘Sex, glamour and bitchery to an epic degree. Lace is the classic that secured Shirley Conran’s place in the same high-octane sorority as Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz and Jacqueline Susann, and it still thrills. It changed my life.’
J.J Salem, author of Tan Times

Lace features women you would be proud to call friends. Pick up this book and be proud to be sucked into the lives of four female characters who use their own intelligence and confidence to get ahead by themselves. I’ve loved Lace since I was a teenager and it’s still as gripping as it ever was’
Harriet Evans

‘A gorgeous, glorious, ground-breaking saga of sex, scandal and family secrets. Here is the return of an awesome blockbuster classic, fearless and fabulous. Lace is the definitive drama of passion, friendship, intrigue and betrayal. I adore it’
Victoria Fox

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SAVAGES by Shirley Conran

Savages by Shirley Conran


SAVAGES: One day in Hollywood, a movie producer asked me what would happen if a group of executive wives suddenly found themselves in a strange place…

… where all their usual support systems had been whipped away. I believe that women can do more than they think they can. So I wrote Savages.

The story starts when a group of powerful mining executives bring their wives to the South Pacific paradise Island of Paui, for a tropical holiday. And, having secretly found rare minerals on the island, the men are determined to strike a swift deal for mining rights.

The wives have little in common: timid, home-maker Annie, outspoken landscape designer Carey, and athletic Patty steer clear of the boss’ wife, Italian-born Silvana, and they all avoid Suzy, who looks like a mermaid and comes from the slums.

While their husbands visit a copper mine, the wives explore the beautiful coast by luxury yacht. On the return trip, the yacht breaks down and these pampered women are forced to finish the short journey on foot. As they near the Paradise Hotel, their pleasure trip becomes a real nightmare.

‘Full of authentic, detail . . . a first-class adventure story’
Daily Express

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THE REVENGE by Shirley Conran

Revenge by Shirley Conran


THE REVENGE is the story of two ambitious, feuding theatre families at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Mimi Quinn’s life is altered forever when, at the age of thirteen and about to be a kitchen maid, she accidentally meets and joins Jolly Joe’s music hall troupe. Her dark-treacle voice soon wins acclaim, just as the extraordinary beauty of her friend, Betsy,  marks her out as a star-to-be.

Then, one night, a terrible accident wrecks Mimi’s ambition and starts a grim family feud that will continue for decades.

On screen, on stage and backstage, the subsequent battles threaten to ruin not only the lives of Mimi and Betsy but also those of their families in this gripping story, which explores the difficulties of forgiveness – and the dangers of revenge. Then, after forty years of trying to destroy each other, something entirely unexpected happens, to these two angry women.

‘In this big novel, Conran documents extremely well the fascinating life and times of a young girl who escapes the Liverpool slums via the music hall. Conran skilfully evokes the birth of Hollywood, New York and London theatre life, as well as the terrible fire which gives the book its title. A brilliant three-reeler about revenge’
Sunday Times

‘Shirley Conran’s superb feat of storytelling.’

‘Her lovely writing style makes this a satisfying read’
The Bookseller

‘This saga of a woman hell-bent on vengeance and the effect it has on future generations is highly readable’
Woman’s Realm

‘Her best yet – a fabulously colourful saga set in the world of music hall and theatre during the early decades of the century’
Liverpool Echo

‘A novel which sweeps the reader up in a richly imagined historical drama set in the first half of our century’
Generation Magazine

‘Set in the early years of the century and leaping breathlessly between war-torn Britain and Hollywood, makes perfect holiday reading’
Mail on Sunday

‘Truly gripping stuff’
Woman’s Own

‘If you like historic novels, you’ll love this epic tale’

‘A vivid sweep of a novel, bringing to life a wealth of fascinating period details’
Good Housekeeping

‘Thorough research has borne fruit in a well-paced story with an authentic period feel’
Sunday Telegraph

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TIGER EYES by Shirley Conran

Tiger Eyes by Shirley Conran


TIGER EYES is the story of successful artist, Plum, who seems to have the perfect life…

She is happily married to an attractive art dealer. She has two loving sons, a beautiful home, loyal friends and a glittering transatlantic career. So why does she feel that something is missing? And where should she start looking for… what?

When Plum accidentally intercepts an international art fraud syndicate, she follows the hazardous trail of forged paintings from New York to Los Angeles, then from London to Paris. At the same time, she starts to discover the true price-tag of success, as her fight for control of her own life – and her life itself – becomes increasingly threatened.

‘A thriller plot and an update on what women really want from life.’
Daily Mail

‘Set in the glamorous heart of the art world, this blockbuster is a rollicking read… Great stuff!’

Tiger Eyes brings a heady brew of glamour, power, sex, and femininity – and, above all, women “making it”’
OK Magazine

‘This one combines the plot of a gripping thriller with an examination of what life should truly be about’
Dundalk Democrat

‘If you enjoyed her previous books, Lace and Superwoman, you will find this one an entertaining read’

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CRIMSON by Shirley Conran

CRIMSON cover scan


CRIMSON is the story of four women who fall victim to their romantic beliefs.

Three sisters, orphaned in a World War II bombing raid, are raised by their grandmother, internationally-successful, romantic novelist, Elinor O’Dare.

Elinor does not realise that she has translated her own life into a fictional fantasy, because that is the only way she can live with her harrowing secret.

Clare is an obedient but stubborn child; Annabel is the family beauty, Miranda is a tomboy, independent and feisty. The sisters become accustomed to a life of ease and privilege as Elinor prepares them to be the gracious wives of powerful men.

The story opens as Elinor lies on her deathbed at her fabulous French château. At last,  she must decide which – if any – of her three granddaughters will inherit her fortune: Annabel, now a New York supermodel; Miranda, the self-made cosmetics tycoon; or Clare, the film producer’s wife with a social conscience? Elinor’s advisor is Adam, a handsome and fascinating lawyer who has known the three sisters since they were born.

When Elinor makes the fateful decision about her will, hidden secrets emerge, relationships clash, sexual battles start, and success demands a terrible price.

Because Elinor does not die.


Crimson was one of my favourite books to write because I wrote it in my own French chateau high in the hills behind Cannes, France. Sadly, I have known more than one woman live in an imaginary dream world, rather than face the reality of her own life. Shirley Conran

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SUPERWOMAN by Shirley Conran

Superwoman by Shirley Conran


‘What is a home? A home is a myth. A home is the Forth Bridge, one damn long, never-ending cleaning job which nobody notices unless you don’t do it.’

Cheerful and friendly, sensible and practical, SUPERWOMAN is a guide to saving stress, time and money. Published in 1975 – even before the birth of the microwave oven – the tips are still relevant and it still makes you laugh.

Superwoman is the most practical aide memoire to feminism on the market.’
Tina Brown, Sunday Times

‘This historic volume…’
The Guardian

‘Will undoubtedly become the Brides’ Bible…’
The Times

‘Shirley Conran has thought of everything. It is the best book on household management… Superwoman is as compulsive a read as any good novel…’  
The Times

‘Written with verve and humour…’

‘…But best of all are Shirley Conran’s own rather unorthodox ideas for saving your sanity.’
Brigid Keenan, Sunday Times

‘A wise and witty book…Jam-packed with all manner of household hints and endless useful advise…It would make a splendid wedding present.’  
Sunday Express

Superwoman has a range of comprehensiveness not recently equalled in such a work of information.’
The Times Educational Supplement

‘The writing hard, practical and funny…’
Evening News

‘It is an amazingly good read… Full of valuable tips.’
Financial Times

‘Indispensible for Superman as well as Superwoman…’

‘Move Over Mrs Beeton!…’
Ideal Home

‘A revved up Mrs Beeton…’
Sunday Times

‘Simply a modern Mrs Beeton…’
The Scotsman

‘A witty Mrs Beeton.’
Joan Bakewell

‘Better than Mrs Beeton…’
Michael Aspel

‘She is writing about matters of importance. This will become clear before long.’
British Housewives League

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