Savages by Shirley Conran


SAVAGES: One day in Hollywood, a movie producer asked me what would happen if a group of executive wives suddenly found themselves in a strange place…

… where all their usual support systems had been whipped away. I believe that women can do more than they think they can. So I wrote Savages.

The story starts when a group of powerful mining executives bring their wives to the South Pacific paradise Island of Paui, for a tropical holiday. And, having secretly found rare minerals on the island, the men are determined to strike a swift deal for mining rights.

The wives have little in common: timid, home-maker Annie, outspoken landscape designer Carey, and athletic Patty steer clear of the boss’ wife, Italian-born Silvana, and they all avoid Suzy, who looks like a mermaid and comes from the slums.

While their husbands visit a copper mine, the wives explore the beautiful coast by luxury yacht. On the return trip, the yacht breaks down and these pampered women are forced to finish the short journey on foot. As they near the Paradise Hotel, their pleasure trip becomes a real nightmare.

‘Full of authentic, detail . . . a first-class adventure story’
Daily Express

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